The Mission

For more than three decades, Tusk has supported and amplified the impact of progressive conservation action across Africa. Under the Royal Patronage of HRH The Duke of Cambridge, the charity has raised and invested over $100m into conservation and community livelihoods programmes spanning the continent.

Across the Plains of the Serengeti, through the arid deserts of Namibia to the rainforests of the Congo basin, Tusk works for a future in which people and wildlife can thrive, and where those who safeguard Africa’s heritage are valued and celebrated. The devastating economic impact of Covid-19 on jobs and livelihoods within the conservation and tourism sectors across Africa has made Tusk’s work even more vital and urgent.

The charity currently supports work of some 50 pioneering conservation initiatives  in more than 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and multiple species under threat. From the iconic savanna wandering elephant and wild dog to the elusive forest-dwelling okapi and mountain gorilla, Tusks invests in targeted efforts to bring Africa’s endangered back from the brink of extinction. Importantly, projects are not just to protect wildlife, but to contribute to education and support the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people through sustainable community programmes.

"Despite facing some of the greatest challenges to international conservation in history, Tusk continues to be a shining light in what are tragically dark times for Africa's wildlife"